Current Employment

In my work I help our customers leverage the benefits of Microsoft Azure and Office 365 on a daily basis. I currently work for Sininen Meteoriitti, which is a company with 100+ employees, and quite well established in the market in Finland.

Sininen Meteoriitti, or Blue Meteorite, which is the name we’re using internationally, is also the creator of Valo Intranet, which you can read more about on

Previous Work Experience

I started my IT career in a small company called Visual Systems back in the mid-90s as employee #7. That company grew to over 200 employees and got sold to Tieto in 2000 (or TietoEnator, as it was called at the time).

At Tieto I worked until 2010, when I moved to Sininen Meteoriitti, where I worked for a year before moving on to working for a company, Develore, that I co-founded with a colleague. In 2017 I thought it was time to move on and leave the entrepreneurial life behind, and be en employee again, so I came back to Sininen Meteoriitti, which is my current employer.

Pre-IT Era

It’s not that the IT business is the only business that I’ve worked in. I have a fair share of experience from the retail, energy production and industrial construction industries as well. This experience gives me valuable insights into the daily lives of people working in these industries.