Creating Content With the Help of AI

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Robot writing with pen and paper.

The year 2023 was probably the year when AI content production became mainstream. So many AI based services where published. Text, pictures, video and speech. All of that can now be created in minutes. Even free of charge.

AI Assisted Content

So I decided to start experimenting with leveraging AI for content creation. There’s one thing that I’d like to make absolutely clear though. The things that I write about on my blog are things that I believe in. I stand behind every word I publish. Creating content with AI is no different to that. Which is why I am being completely transparent about this. Every article that I’ve used AI to create it with, I will add the AI Assisted category as the primary category.

There’s a reason why I call it AI assisted, and not AI generated for instance. This is because I want to stand behind every word that I publish. This means that I have to modify and correct things before publishing them. I will not let AI generate whatever content, and then just blindly publish that. This is not a way for me to create more content to drive more traffic.

Content That Supports My Main Content

I will still write the main content myself. That’s not going to change. But, I’ve noticed several times when writing an article, that there are some details in that article that I would like to describe in more detail in a separate article. Mainly to keep the main article as compact as possible, and focus on the actual subject. And of course to save some time too. It takes time to create content. So I choose to use my time for creating my main content, and then get help from AI to create supporting content.

So for instance, in my recent How to Do MFA Login With Playwright article, I might add links to AI assisted content about multi-factor authentication (MFA). Just to give you an example.

Creating Images With AI

But AI is not just for text content. I am also going to use AI to generate the main images for my articles. The main image for this article is also generated with Microsoft Designer.


I know that AI and AI generate content is a hot topic in the content creation scene currently. I guess content creators use AI to create more content faster. More content that is regularly created tend to drive more traffic. And more traffic can be monetized in so many ways.

However, monetization is not my primary goal for using AI to create more content. It is simply to create additional content that would provide more insight into the subject that I a writing about. I hope this makes sense.


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