I’ve been writing about my Blazor + Bootstrap open source component library in previous articles, like this one. I’ve also written a few articles that demonstrate how you write applications with that component library. The first article in that series is over here.

Until now, I’ve called that component library BlazorBootstrap, and I’ve been building it on my personal GitHub account. However, while I’ve been working on the component library, I’ve come up with a lot of new ideas for open source libraries related to Blazor. And I also would like to publish those in the future under the same “umbrella”. So, I decided to come up with a name for this family of open source products.

Introducing Blazorade

So the name of this “umbrella” is Blazorade. I even registered the blazorade.com domain. Many of you who know me, know that I’m a sucker for playing around with words. Especially when creating names for new products and services. Nowadays, it’s pretty hard to come up with a unique name that nobody is using. Creating new words for your products and services is one way to be unique. The method that I’m using is taking multiple words that describe the product or service, and combine them in a new and unique way. Blazorade is the result of such an endeavor, and is made up of at least the following words.

  • Blazor – This is probably quite obvious, since we’re talking about building stuff for Blazor applications.
  • Parade – Parading and showing off Blazor applications.
  • Aid – Although spelled “ade” at the end of the word, the products in the Blazorade family all aim at aiding in Blazor application development.

You might also associate Blazorade with a sports drink. Blazorade is in fact an energy source for your Blazor application.

Blazorade Bootstrap

The first component in the Blazorade family is Blazorade Bootstrap. It has exactly the same component as BlazorBootstrap used to have, so upgrading your application is very simple. Just change the reference to the new component.

I moved the source code to a new location in GitHub. I created a new Blazorade organization, and moved all of the code to Blazorade/Blazorade-Bootstrap. The list below contains the most important links related to Blazorade Bootstrap.

  • Source Code – All of the source code is available on GitHub
  • Wiki – The wiki contains extensive documentation on how you can start using Blazorade Bootstrap in your application.
  • Nuget – The latest version is always published on Nuget for your convenience.
  • Live demo – A Blazor Webassembly application that showcases the components provided by Blazorade Bootstrap.


I hope that you find Blazorade Bootstrap useful. If you have any suggestions you want to share, or if you find any bugs in the library, please don’t hesitate to file an issue. And, if you want to join the development team (that’s me for the moment), please let me know. I could always use an extra pair of hands.


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